Maps Explorer Project is an old idea which was being developed since early 2011 till mid 2014 as Virtual Reality Places based on Crysis 1 Multiplayer environment to make regular fun with friends possible 24/7.

The main idea here, besides building huge virtual spaces with deatailed vegetation, vehicles, buildings and unlimited ways for parkour, was to have only one copy of each map running on-line at the certain period of time. Providing only one "portal" to that virtual place at the same time avoiding multiple universe paradoxes.

So just like in reality if you want to be in chosen environment you are going to meet other people who are already there or will join you the same time of the day.

This was the only way to make it seem realistic unlike in situations when you can run each map on your own and explore it alone without even meeting other people who are exploring the same map, using the same vehicles paralellelly and making stunts at the same time, but havin fun off-line or on private individual server.

This project was off from time to time because of many reasons but is still playable in 2020's, after 12 years, just for those who really care about this kind of open Crysis 1 multiplayer experience. It has to be admited that this can be a little boring for users without certain level of imagination or those without creative explore, jump, fly, drive and stunts ideas. Though it's not for those who require fast mutipayer actions and regular fights on with dozens of players. Here you can have fun alone or with 1-3 friends - and it's perfectly enough. Still it's worth of trying at least once even for regular fighters - just to meet interesting people, have some nice conversations and relax after hard days at school or at work.

To enjoy the basic version of Maps Explorer Project all you need to do is purchase legal copy of Crysi 1 Multiplayer and download the multiplayer connector client. Then find servers with MapsExplorer.com name and join.
Advanced Maps Explorer experience with +Extra MODS on Steel Mill Open map - requires installing additional mods.

IN YEARS 2011 - 2014

ParkourCity ParadiseAtoll

SunsetVillage DuskCemetery

SewageSwamps WinterResort

Four additional, smaller maps prepared just for training and faster actions

GateRoad SkillYard

ForestAimCamp WreckageBalls

RockValleyAims StorageAiming

And here are just Two Custom Versions of the Original, Classic Crysis "Steel Mill".

SteelMillFlood SteelMillFrost


And finally VERY HUGE version of "Steel Mill" with vehicles, new mods and lot of places to explore
created in 2011 as a base for ideas in the beginning of the project.
It's not just a map but Idea of Fun for Creative Players with good PCs and unlimited Ideas
Virtual Living World - on-line 24/7 - with changing weather, different time of day, and many other realistic effects.

Just Have Fun - Check out servers in www.CryMP.Net - Network
Look for MapsExplorer.com Servers there.
If you have any questions about all those maps above,
or want to play them on MapsExplorer.com server -
just send e-mail and this map will be on-line the same day.